What is Blockchain?

Web security is a vital part of today's economy, with so many transactions happening online, every day. Securing transactions or identifying websites is key to keeping hackers and criminals from stealing data. Blockchain is a process to secure data, confirm identities or keep track of transactions. Using a series of personal computers, encryption and transactional data blockchain is changing the way we secure the web. 

Traditional security models use a centralized method, usually a signing authority or other central agent to identify and secure transactions. With blockchain it distributes records as blocks of transactions which form a chain. These records are stored on a distributed network of  PCs, also called nodes, and form a security chain. 

When another step in the security chain is requested, the record can be checked from any number of nodes in the prior block. This makes it very difficult to falsify security records as the hacker would have to gain control of all of the nodes in the block. 

The first use of Blockchain was to secure Bitcoin transactions, but it's growing in popularity as a method of securing other web transactions.  

Why does it matter? 

Web Security is vital, and with the number of criminals after your data, we need better methods to secure websites. 

For now many traditional security models will continue to dominate the web, but blockchain might be the way we secure our technology in the future.