Organic Search Results

What are Organic Search Results?

The sheer size of the web created a need for web search tools - so search engines were created to help web surfers find what they were looking for.  

Search results are created by "crawling" sites and indexing the content. This process is done with web crawlers also known as spiders or bots. 

The final results are determined by the Search Engine's algorithms, using certain aspects of a web page to determine who gets listed on top of the search results. These are called Organic Search Results. When someone goes to Google or Bing or any search engine and types in a keyword, they are returned the organic search results alongside paid ads known as Pay Per Click advertising. The process of getting higher in the results is known as Search Engine Optimization. 

Why does it matter? 

Since around 90% or more of purchasing decisions are made with information found online, it is important to have good organic search results for your website or related online information such as social media posts or PR. 

While the process of "ranking" or getting good Search Engine Optimization can be expensive and take time, the efforts often pay off over the long term. Typically the "first page" of search results captures around 95% of the traffic for any given search.