Ride from the Heart - Ava's Story

Post Date:July 11, 2019

This year, I'm biking on my birthday (8/8/19) to raise money for the American Heart Association on behalf of Ava Cooper. Here is her story. 

By Jamie Cooper, Mom:

Ava was born on 7-1-2014 with several congenital heart defects. My husband Sean and I knew of these defects by my 21st week of pregnancy. We were treated by Akron Children’s Maternal Fetal team. Ava was born full term at 39 weeks with little complication. She was officially diagnosed with the following: dextrocardia, which means her heart is on the opposite side of the chest. She has a hole in her heart (VSD) that has not closed. She is missing her pulmonary artery, one of the main pumping vessels that carry oxygenated blood cells to the rest of the body. Lastly, transposition of the great vessels; meaning her two main arteries leaving the heart are reversed. These heart defects alone, are very rare but coupled together are even more rare. She had two open heart surgeries at birth, one at 6 days old and another at 14 days old. She had her third surgery at 1 year old and we are embarking on her 4th surgery in September of this year.  

I started working with the American Heart Association right after Ava was born. My husband, Ava and I attended the September Heart Walks in 2014, 15 and 16, raising funds each year. We’ve also spoken on several occasions to groups via the American Heart Association to share Ava’s story. She is also featured in several medical publications to educate others and allow medical professionals to conduct research.

Please support Ava and the American Heart Association by sponsoring my ride! 

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